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Giovanni Bromanti Blizzard Series Champ

From snakes to snowmen, Giovanni Bromanti crowned Blizzard Series Champ

Giovanni Bromante is just 16, and is the 2019 Blizzard Series Champion.

Giovanni Bromante’s biggest racing career moment was a 10-foot rattlesnake wrapped around his neck in March at Kinston, Alabama after winning the Rattler 250 and taking home a $10,000 check.

Now, his biggest milestone is standing next to an eight-foot tall snowman while being handed a Blizzard Series championship trophy in Pensacola, Florida.

It’s been quite the year for the 16-year-old New York native who has made a name for himself down south and recently announced he will transition to the next level of his career — the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East with Visconti Motorsports.

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